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Using Merge to Create Multiple Copies of a Label (or Page).

These instructions follow the menus in WP X5.

Click on Format, Labels, and pick the template you want. Or use Format, Page, Page Setup, Divide Page (if you want to create tickets or bookmarks, for example) Create one label exactly as you want it.You can include clipart. Be sure your ending font and justification code is exactly the same as you began. (The next label will start with whatever you ended with!)

Click Tools | Merge
Click on "Form document" and select "Create Form Document" then "Use file in active window"
For Data source, select "no association" or "None"
Output should be New Document
Options: separate page with page breaks should be checked
Number of copies for each record should be the number of labels on the page.

Click on Merge – you should now have a full page of identical labels. If anything needs adjustment, you can just go back to your form document and make the changes (don’t save the New Document that wasn’t right – that’s why you made it a “new” document; you can discard it)

You can use this procedure to create labels, or tickets, using label formats or subdivided pages. If you want numbered tickets, you can insert a page number code in the first label, and each one after that will be a new page, thus a new number.

WordPerfect does have a limit of 250 labels that it will merge, so if you want more than that, copy as many pages as you want, go to the end of the document and paste. You can paste several times, or until you have the desired number of duplicates.

Printing a file list

Did you know that WordPerfect still has the ability to print the list of files in a directory? This was one of the wonderful features of the File Manager that began in the earliest versions of WordPerfect, and it is still there! Open WP, click on File | Open and when you have the window showing the directory you want, click on the File menu in that directory window. Surprise -- you can print the file list for that directory. (It can be any directory -- not just WP files). Other options include sending the list to WordPad. You can sort the list by date, filename, size... just by clicking on the field at the top of each list. Of course, you can use this file manager to copy, rename, or delete files also.

Links to Corel and WordPerfect Web Sites:

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Browse the Corel Newsgroups for many valuable lessons and help.
You can get there from the Corel link (the Corel logo) above. Or use http://www.corel.com

Another helpful link is: WordPerfect.com

Supporting Web sites

Corel Knowledge Base:


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WordPerfect Universe is an online user group for WordPerfect Office,
providing help forums, tips and tricks, discussion of WPO news, and an
extensive links collection.


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Doug has revised his "A Common Person's WordPerfect Macro Manual." A must for you Perfect Script and macro buffs. Worth checking out!





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